• The carbon taken from the atmosphere in the form of CO2 can be stored for long periods and used to replace fossil carbon sources

We are a Canadian, Province of Alberta based company offering a World Class BIOCHAR charcoal product to various Industries worldwide.

kelly-wilde-cardBioChar International is on a mission to help reduce the costs of planting native species. Their seedballs are created with Biochar and can be used as an alternative way to save water or wait for better growing conditions. Protecting the seed from predators in this area means less work for you, no wasted money, and peace of mind knowing that your plant is happy where it’s given a chance.

Feel free to contact us regarding your needs and requirements. We are ready to supply you with extremely high quality, high grade raw BIOCHAR material to work with. We also work with a professional advertising and marketing team that will help you develop your brand identity should you plan to create and market a new product like let’s say your own brand o Biochar briquette. We Would supply you with raw materials or supply you with prepackaged briquettes at wholesale prices.

Biocharcanada.com Was the name of our company. We have more than 5 Yeas of experiences now we move on and decide to change the name of the company to Biochar International Services. This was our old site: