This Super Mix is ideal Ideal for hard clay soils and nutrient poor sandy soils! A 10 lb bag can effectively treat up to 50 square feet! The Many Benefits of Super BIOCHAR * Ideal for Hydroponic growers! Increases fruit and bud production by up to 40%! * Increases vegetative growth by up to 60%! Increases Mycorrhizal fungi by up to 40%! * Increases moisture retention by up to 18%! * Reduces fertilizer run off and overall need for fertilization by up to 50%! * Reduces nitrous oxide emissions by up to 50%-80% * Increases effectiveness of fertilizers by 60%-880% * Reduces soil acidity and soil leaching Increases methane uptake soil microbial Biomass and respiration. * Continually improves soil. There are two primary ways to effectively apply biochar: Tilling Application Spread pure inoculated Biochar about a ¼in (6mm) thick on the soil before normal tilling. Do this at the same time you till in your other soil amendments. It’s that simple. For larger areas such as pastures, the ideal amount of Biochar to till or disc in is one ton per acre, but if you don’t have that much, spread out what you have and add more each time you amend the soil. No-Till Application You can spread pure inoculated Biochar around a grow area, then mulch as normal to hold the biochar in place. It takes about 10 pounds (4.5kg) of Biochar to properly cover 100 square feet (9.3m2). For potted plants, use pure biochar at a ratio of about 1:16 with your potting soil – about ½ cup per gallon of soil (118ml per 4 litres of soil). This ratio is good for raised beds as well, one gallon (4 litres) of Biochar per 16 gallons (64 litres) of soil. In all cases, till or no-till, if you inoculated Biochar in compost (at ratios up to 1:1, remember), just apply compost as normal – the presence of Biochar doesn’t change the amount of compost used. BIOCHAR Does not Cost you Money! BIOCHAR Makes you Money!
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